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Research & Contact Info

Joe Neussendorfer has an extensive listing of construction economic credentials. He is a Life Member of the Detroit Economic Club, Past Chairman of the Detroit Area Economic Forum, author of numerous Construction Industry Outlooks, and a former editor of The Economics Newsletter for a state-wide academic organization.

Phone Number: 248-909-0824



His community services include:

--Life Member of The National Exchange Club (3 terms as President of The Exchange Club of Detroit).

--Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

--Life Member of The American Legion.

--Life Member of the Construction Writers Association.

--President of the  Masonry Institute of Michigan.

--Executive Director of the Mason Contractors Association.

Dedication and Commitment

He has a longtime commitment to construction education, including:

--Chairman of the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee (Statewide organization of labor-management-universities & colleges-State and Federal Government promoting the Apprenticeship Concept and Vocational Education).

--Chairman of the Bricklayers Appreniceship Committee.

--Chairman of the Cement Masons Apprenticeship Committee

--Executive Secretary of The Institute of Construction Management.

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